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Uniform Patrol Division

The Operations Division is commanded by Major Chris Matson. Uniform Patrol is charged with the overall responsibility for field operations and the positive, proactive enforcement of State Laws and Local Ordinances within the boundaries of our jurisdiction.

There are 48 officers assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division, and they are divided into four teams. Each team consists of one captain, one lieutenant, two sergeants, and eight officers. There are two day shift teams and two night shift teams. The teams work 12 hour shifts and rotate from days to nights every four months. One officer is assigned to each of the seven patrol beats to become familiar with the residents and businesses. This enhances our community policing efforts when officers and civilians can build a rapport with one another.

Our goals are to protect life and property, to address neighborhood concerns, to be alert to any unusual activity involving Homeland Security, and to enhance the quality of life in our city, as well as our county.

We aggressively identify and apprehend criminals, and prevent the commission of crimes by reducing the opportunities for such crimes. It is our mission to provide the order necessary for the individual pursuit of freedom, safety, and privacy.

Patrol is responsive to social, geographical, and economic changes within our community. Through weekly COMSTAT meetings we constantly evaluate our tactics and strategies to ensure we are responding to any issues in the most effective manner.

We promote collaborative partnerships with our citizens, as well as our business community through our daily interactions with citizens and through our COPS Unit.

We are committed to professionalism, quality community policing concepts, increased safety and security of our citizens, and the highest professional law enforcement standards under the guidelines of International Accreditation and State Certification.