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CrimeReports works with thousands of law-enforcement agencies to help reduce, prevent, and solve crime by enabling officials to easily open and manage a controlled dialog with citizens. The website offers an online family of crime fighting tools including a public crime map, alert messaging, anonymous tipping and data analytics.

CrimeReports, is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The site is intended to increase the transparency of law enforcement agencies and strengthen their interaction with the public by allowing police agencies around the country to record instances of crime on a single nationwide map.
Citizens can visit the site and see a map of crimes in their neighborhood, peer across city lines to see crimes elsewhere, and sign up to receive regular e-mail alerts of all recorded criminal activity in their area.

Thousands of agencies use the service, including departments in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and all of Utah and Maryland. CrimeReports added a neighborhood watch feature so citizens can form groups on the service and send alerts and tips to participating police agencies. Law enforcement officials welcome the help because the public knows what's going on in their neighborhoods. We are not asking them to be vigilantes, or make arrests, but to keep their eyes open and notify us of problems they see.