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Criminal Investigations

The investigative body of the Forest Park Police Department is the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). The Division is comprised of 13 positions which include 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants, 8 Detectives and 1 Detective Secretary.

The Division's responsibilities are as follows: identifying and apprehending offenders; recovering stolen property; gathering, documenting, and evaluating facts in reference to criminal activity; conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations of all crimes against persons and property; processing crime scenes; recovering and preserving evidence and property; and presenting evidence to various courts in order to successfully prosecute offenders.

All criminal reports made to the Forest Park Police Department are sent to the Criminal Investigations Division for assessment. The reports are reviewed for facts and information which would lead detectives to the identity of a suspect.

Crime Scene Investigation Unit

The Forest Park Police Department is tasked with carrying out complex crime scene investigations including, but not limited to: homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, home invasions, and property crimes such as burglaries. A large portion of a crime scene investigators time is spent processing crime scenes, packaging and transporting evidence, attending and photographing autopsies, and attending briefings and conferences with police agencies requesting assistance. The remaining time is spent preparing investigative reports, testifying in court, receiving continuing education, instructing classes, and maintaining equipment in a state of readiness.

A Forest Park Police CSI Unit investigator processes crime scenes day or night, under any weather conditions, while systematically surveying the scene and formulating a processing plan. They physically secure crime scenes (using ropes, barricades, police personnel, etc.) before conducting a search for objects and articles that may be evidence. The CSI is proficient in "reading" and reconstructing events as they occurred just prior to, during, and shortly after the commission of the crime in order to determine the sequence of events and find evidence. Forest Park Crime Scene Investigators provide advice and direction to case investigators in crime scene and evidentiary matters.

The Forest Park Police Department CSI Unit investigators are sworn police officers with full arrest powers.