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Services Available:

Emergency preparedness planning is available for both homes and local businesses. Planning for disasters and evacuation can be accomplished by EMA staff in conjunction with the public at large.

Early Warning Siren

The Forest Park Emergency Management maintains severe weather early warning sirens to warn citizens and business owners of approaching dangerous weather conditions. Forest Park Emergency Management Agency maintains 5 such sirens within its jurisdiction. In addition the neighboring community of Lake City maintains one early warning siren that is tied into Forest Park's system. A 6th early warning siren is currently being installed at the Georgia Power within the Forest Park city limits. Early Warning systems are tested the first Wednesday of each month, weather permitting. Locations of Forest Park Emergency Management Agency Early Warning Sirens:

• Jonesboro Rd. at Old Jonesboro Rd.
• Main St. at Hill Industrial Blvd.
• Starr Park
• Alder Dr. at Pineridge Dr
• Ft. Gillem Army Base

If you have questions concerning Forest Park's Early warning system or any concerns or questions about emergency management or disaster preparedness please call and our staff will help to address your concerns or questions.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT):

CERT is a voluntary organization of the U.S. Citizen CORPS program. This group of volunteers are trained by the department to assist in the mitigation of manmade and natural disasters including weather-related incidents. The CERT has 17 members currently and are a huge asset when used as support to the on-duty firefighting.

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