I.                   Call to Order – 7:00 p.m. – Mayor Corine Deyton


II.               Invocation


III.            Pledge of Allegiance


IV.             Roll Call


V.                Approval of Minutes  


1.      Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council of August 7, 2006

2.      Special Meeting of Mayor and Council of August 2, 2006

3.      Special Meeting of Mayor and Council of July 22, 2006


            VI.  Comment Period by Public


VII.         Agenda Items  


1.           Tabled from August 7th meeting

     Appointments to Zoning Appeals Board


SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  There are two vacancies on the Zoning Appeals Board.  These terms are for a period of five years.


2.         Renewal of On Premises Consumption Alcohol License for

      Beer Only

Thanh Thanh Restaurant, 4446 Jonesboro Road, exceptions noted


4.      Consider a Resolution requesting authorization for the City

Manager to sign a Final Plat as approval of the City Council of Forest Park for the subdivision of an RM-85 Multi-Family Residential zoned parcel.


SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  A petition has been submitted by Attorney Brad P. Wolfe, of Slutzky, Wolfe and Bailey, LLP as representative of the owner, Mark Nelkin of M&T Realty Capital Corporation, Majestic Montega Apartments, LLC, 5048 Old Dixie Highway, Forest Park to subdivide a 9.071 acre parcel into (2) parcels being Phase I and Phase II.


1.      Phase I which is currently developed RM-85 Multi-Family Residential zoned 6.170 acres, and;

2.      Phase II which is currently an undeveloped Multi-Family Residential zoned 2.900 acre parcel.


This subdivision is being accomplished to carve out the vacant property for future multi-family residential development.  There are no immediate plans to develop the property at this time. However, the subdivision of the property will allow separate parcels for loan purposes.     


5.      Consider a Resolution by the City Council of the City of Forest Park authorizing the Mayor execute an amended License Agreement with Clayton County School District for the use of Kiwanis Stadium to conduct football games at a rate of one hundred dollars ($100) per event for the 2006-2007 school year; to provide for severability; to provide an effective date; and for other purposes


SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  Clayton County School District is requesting the use of Kiwanis Stadium to conduct Football games for the 2006-2007 school year.  This amended license agreement is a revocable license agreement and specifications for the use of City of Forest Park facilities and vending concessions and includes liability insurance, general release, indemnification and hold harmless provisions.


6.       Consider a Resolution by the City Council for the City of

Forest Park, Georgia, to permit certain additional uses of the property located at 819 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, Georgia, currently zoned “C-3 Institutional Commercial”, pursuant to Section 8-8-58(c)(13) of the Zoning Ordinance of the City permitting “other uses as deemed appropriate by the Governing Authority”; to provide for severability; to repeal all resolutions and parts of resolutions in conflict herewith; to provide an effective date; and for other purposes


SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:   This Resolution would grant permission of the Mayor and City Council to allow certain land uses at 819 Forest Parkway, zoned “C-3 Institutional Commercial District”.  The land uses identified in this Resolution are those permitted under the “C-2 Central Commercial District”. Zoning but not permitted under the “C-3 Institutional Commercial District” Zoning, the Resolution would allow the “C-2” land uses at 819 Forest Parkway pursuant to Section 8-8-58( c ) (13) of the Zoning Ordinance which allows “other uses as deemed appropriate by the governing authority” in the “C-3 Central Commercial District.”


VI.             Legal Matters


VII.         Committee Reports


VIII.      Comments by Governing Body


IX.             Adjournment