6:00  Work Session

                                    Discussion of Agenda Items



I.                   Call to Order – 7:00 p.m. – Mayor Corine Deyton


II.               Invocation


III.            Pledge of Allegiance


IV.             Roll Call


V.                Approval of Minutes  


1.      Work Session of Mayor and Council of  August 3, 2009

2.      Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council of August  3, 2009

                        3.   Work Shop of Mayor and Council of July 21, 2009


VI.             Comment Period by Public


VII.         Recess for a Public Hearing


VIII.      Open a Public Hearing to receive comments regarding the proposed use of funds from the JAG Grant – Award Year 2009


                        SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  As part of the special conditions of this JAG Grant, the City of Forest Park will hold a public hearing prior to the obligation of funds.  The hearing will be held regarding the proposed use of funds from this grant to local law enforcement in relation to the agency’s entire budget.


                        Persons attending the hearings shall be given the opportunity to provide written and oral views of the Forest Park Police Department in relation to both the entire budget and the relationship of the grant to the entire budget.



                        The grant amount is $26,981 with no matching funds required                              by the City of Forest Park.


                        The Forest Park Police Department intends to utilize the funding for the primary purpose of upgrading the operations division.  The addition of equipment purchased through this grant will improve the Forest Park Police Department’s ability to deter criminal activity.


IX.             Close Public Hearing and reconvene meeting


X.                 Agenda Items


1.      Proclamation – MDA Forest Park Fire and Emergency

      Services Firefighter Appreciation Week


                                    New Retail Alcohol License for beer and wine

2.      Teeko Investments, Inc. D/B/A Jonesboro Food Mart, 4700

     Jonesboro Road, no exceptions noted


3.  Golden Jubilee Commercial, Inc. D/B/A Royal Food Mart,

     5604 Old Dixie Road, no exceptions noted



XI.             Legal Matters


XII.          Committee Reports


XIII.      Comments by Governing Body


XIV.       Adjournment