6:00  Work Session

                                    Discussion of Agenda Items



I.                   Call to Order – 7:00 p.m. – Mayor Corine Deyton


II.               Invocation


III.            Pledge of Allegiance


IV.             Roll Call


V.                Approval of Minutes  


1.  Work Session of Mayor and Council of June 21, 2010

2.  Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council of June 21, 2010


VI.             Comment Period by Public


VII.         Recess for Public Hearing


VIII.      Open Public Hearing to receive comments on the Local Law Enforcement Edward Byrne Justice Grant Award Year 2010


          SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  This hearing is held             regarding the application for the Edward Byrne Justice         Assistance Grant. The grant amount is $23,478 with no          matching amount. The Forest Park Police Department intends     to use the funding for the purpose of purchasing equipment that          will assist with locating stolen vehicles.


IX.             Close Public Hearing and reconvene meeting


X.                 Agenda Items



            New On-Premises Consumption Alcohol License for   Liquor, Beer and Wine


1.      El Latino, 4420 Jonesboro Road, no exceptions noted


2.      Consider a Resolution by the City Council of the City of                 Forest Park declaring certain City property, listed on Exhibit A, to be surplus property and to provide for its proper disposal either by auction or other methods pursuant to the City’s Ordinances; and for other purposes


3.      Consider a Resolution by the City Council for the City of Forest Park to accept the donation of a 1991 Ford Explorer; to repeal all Resolutions and parts of Resolutions in conflict herewith; to provide an effective date; and for other purposes 


      SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  The purpose of this resolution is to receive a donated 1991 Ford Explorer vehicle from John Hess in memory and honor of his wife Colleen for use by CERT to logistically support both emergency and non emergency events in the City of Forest Park.


XI.             Legal Matters


XII.          Committee Reports


XIII.      Comments by Governing Body


XIV.       Adjournment