6:00  Work Session

                                    Discussion of Agenda Items



I.                   Call to Order – 7:00 p.m. – Mayor Corine Deyton


II.               Invocation


III.            Pledge of Allegiance


IV.             Roll Call


V.                Approval of Minutes  


1.      Work Session of Mayor and Council of January 16, 2007

2.      Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council of January 16, 2007


VI.             Comment Period by Public


VII.         Recess for a Public Hearing


VIII.      Open Public Hearing to receive comments on the proposed amendments to the City Zoning Codes, Section 8-8-56 C-1 General Commercial District subparagraph (c), Section 8-8-57 C-2 Central Commercial District, subparagraph (c) and Section 8-8-58 C-3 Institutional Commercial District, subparagraph (c) so as to add distance requirements for all places of assembly uses permitted


SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  These amendments are being made so as to add distance requirement for all places of assembly uses permitted in the C-1 General Commercial District, C-2 Central Commercial District and C-3 Institutional Commercial District.   


IX.             Close Public Hearing and reconvene meeting


X.                 Agenda Items


Renewal of Retail Alcohol License for Beer and Wine


1.  Forest Park Foodmart, Inc. D/B/A Forest Park Foodmart,

                          4193 Jonesboro Road, no exceptions


                        2.  All American Quality Foods, Inc. D/B/A Food Depot, 792

     Morrow Road, no exceptions


3.  Consider an Ordinance to amend Sections 8-8-56 (c), and 8-8-

57 (c), and 8-8-58 (c) of the Forest Park Code of Ordinances so as to add Distance Requirements for all places of assembly uses permitted in the C-1 General Commercial District, the C-2 Central Commercial District and the C-3 Institutional Commercial District; and for other purposes


4.      Consider an Ordinance by the City Council for the City of

Forest Park, Georgia, to appropriate additional funds in the amount of $125,000.00 to cover added costs incurred in the City Attorney Fees Account; to repeal all Ordinances and parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith; to provide an effective date; and for other purposes


SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND: Attorney fees that could not be projected or budgeted have been incurred by the City, related to the Fort Gillem property. These additional fees are primarily associated with the City’s continuing efforts to stop the decision of the Department of the Army to transfer part of the Fort Gillem property to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Due to the additional attorney fees, the budget needs to be amended to provide an additional $125,000 for attorney fees for the current fiscal year.


                   5.  Consider a Resolution requesting authorization to enter into

a contract  with  M. H. Biggers and Associates to provide cost estimates for the LCI Downtown Main Street Pedestrian Streetscape Project




SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  The City of Forest Park has received the Notice to Proceed from the Georgia Department of Transportation for the Right-of-Way proceedings.  The City of Forest Park must adhere to the right-of-way guidelines established by GDOT.  The guidelines include obtaining property cost estimates from a GDOT certified appraiser.  After requesting fee proposals from GDOT certified appraisers, the firm of M.H. Biggers and Associates submitted the lowest most qualified proposal.  This resolution requests authorization to enter into a contract with M. H. Biggers and Associates.   


6.   Appointment to serve on the 2007-2008 Clayton County

Aging Program Advisory Board                               


XI.             Legal Matters


XII.          Committee Reports – Department Overview – Support Services 


XIII.      Comments by Governing Body


XIV.       Adjournment