6:00  Work Session

                                    Discussion of Agenda Items



I.                   Call to Order – 7:00 p.m. – Mayor Corine Deyton


II.               Invocation


III.            Pledge of Allegiance


IV.             Roll Call


V.                Approval of Minutes  


1.      Work Session  of Mayor and Council of February 1, 2010

2.      Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council of February 1, 2010


            VI.  Comment Period by Public


VII.         Agenda Items  


1.      Consider an Ordinance by the City Council for the City of

      Forest Park, Georgia, to amend Title 4 of the Code of          

      Ordinances of the City by adding a new Chapter thereto to

      be known as Chapter 4, so as to govern and regulate alarms,

      false alarms, and alarm systems in the City; to repeal     

      Section 4-1-8 and Section 11-1-36 of the City code pertaining  

      to alarms and alarm systems; to provide for severability; to    

      repeal all other Ordinances and parts of Ordinances in

      conflict herewith; to provide an effective date; and for other



SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND: In 2002, like many agencies, the police department took a progressive approach to enforce the False Alarm Ordinance enacted by Council after detecting a dramatic increase in false alarms. In 2002, the police department responded to 3,219 false alarms. These unnecessary and repeated calls for service accounted for 1073 man-hours officers were out of service, which translates to their time being monopolized for 25 weeks. In dollars, this means the department wasted at least $17,000 responding to false alarms.


                              Since 2002, the ordinance has managed to reduce the number of false alarms to 1,963 (-41%). This is still a waste of approximately $10,800. The reduction in the number of false alarms has reached a plateau. Through accurate false alarm billing, we have recovered the some of the cost of needless and dangerous response; however, the total time lost cannot be accurately measured.


                              The primary goal for having a progressive false alarm ordinance is:


¨      To hold the users accountable

¨      Reduce the number of false alarms calls

¨      Avoid a complacent response that jeopardizes the                                                officer’s safety.


                              To accomplish this involves changing the actions of alarm companies and users, without creating a financial hardship. In order to reduce the false alarms, the police department recognizes a need for a change in the current ordinance, to one that meets the standards of “best practice” and adopts the advancement of technology.


                              Currently the number of free false alarms allowed is six in a calendar year. 


¨      The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Associations                                             (NBFAA) recommend one free false alarm a year

¨      Several neighboring jurisdictions allow for two free                                             alarms per year.

¨      The NBFAA and the other jurisdictions both                                                        recommend a fee schedule higher and more                                                                 aggressive than the one we currently have in place.


                              It is our recommendation to allow for two free false alarms a year and a progressive fee schedule, in line with the NBFAA and the neighboring jurisdictions.


                              In order to assist us in achieving objectives and not diminish the protection and confidence of our residents and businesses, the ordinance must have installation and maintenance guidelines, proper registration methods, sufficient training, and a process to appeal their decisions.  This proposed ordinance addresses each of these areas.


2.      Consider an Ordinance by the City Council for the City of Forest Park, Georgia, to extend the Moratorium on Permits for adult entertainment establishments originally provided for in Ordinance Number 09-63; to provide for severability; to repeal all Ordinances and parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith; to provide an effective date; and for other purposes


3.      Consider a Resolution by the City Council of the City of

      Forest Park, declaring certain City property, listed on   

      Exhibit A, to be surplus property and to provide for its

      proper disposal either by auction or other methods pursuant  

      to the City’s Ordinances; and for other purposes           


VIII.      Legal Matters


IX.             Committee Reports


X.                 Comments by Governing Body


XI.             Adjournment