6:00  Work Session

                             Discussion of Agenda Items



I.                   Call to Order – 7:00 p.m. – Mayor Corine Deyton


II.                 Invocation


III.              Pledge of Allegiance


IV.              Roll Call


V.                Approval of Minutes  


1.     Work Session of Mayor and Council of November 5, 2007

2.     Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council of November 5, 2007

3.     Special Meeting of Mayor and Council of November 7, 2007


          VI.  Comment Period by Public


VII.           Agenda Items  


Renewal of retail alcohol license for beer and wine


1.  Retail Marketing Corporation, D/B/A Wholesale Food Outlet,

                        4855 Jonesboro Road


2.     SNZ, Inc. D/B/A Chevron Food Mart, 4441 Jonesboro Road


3.     Naeem, Inc. D/B/A Clayton Express, 4233 Thurmond Road


4.     SARFARHAZ, Corp. D/B/A Chevron Food Mart, 4578 Old Dixie Highway


5.     Hong Enterprise, D/B/A Shopwise, 5001B Jonesboro Road


6.     All American Quality Foods, Inc. D/B/A Food Depot, 792 Morrow Road


7.     Vaskar Enterprises, Inc. D/B/A Handy Food Mart, 4126 Thurmond Road


8.     Alwani Group of Companies, D/B/A Shell Food Mart, 4926 Old Dixie Highway


9.     H & Y Food Mart, 1401 Rockcut Road


10.            BP Products North America, Inc. D/B/A BP #4704, 4950 Old Dixie Highway


11.            Duvell Investment Group, D/B/A Pak N Go, 1003 Forest Parkway


New Retail Alcohol License for beer and wine


12.            Mamani Business, Inc. Texaco Food Mart, 503 Forest Parkway


13.            Lioness Aliza’s Den, Inc. La Morentia, 4060 Jonesboro Road


Renewal Retail Alcohol License for liquor only


                   14.  Hong’s Liquor, 5001A Jonesboro Road


15.            Consider an Ordinance by the City Council for the City of

Forest Park, Georgia, to appropriate additional funds in the amount of $26,265.00 to cover added costs incurred in the City’s Capital Outlay Accounts; to repeal all ordinances and parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith; to provide an effective date; and for other purposes


SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND:  Funds are requested to be appropriated for costs associated with computer equipment to all City Departments. The equipment (installation of fireboxes) is necessary for added protection for existing City computer equipment. The total cost is $26,265.00, as calculated by Simplified Technology Solutions, the City’s computer consulting firm.




VIII.         Legal Matters


IX.             Committee Reports


X.                Comments by Governing Body


XI.             Adjournment